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Cageless Boarding
1 Day 
2-4 Days 
5 Days or more 
2nd, 3rd, and 4th pet 

Other Information
- All reservations are for a full day
  unless stated at time of
- Any dog picked up after 11:00 am
  will be charged that days
  boarding fee.

Other Pricing
Medication - $2.00 per day, per dog
Food - $1.00 per feeding, per dog (if supplied by alpha)
After hours pick up and drop off - $20.00 per pick up/drop off
Procurement of shot records - $5.00 per dog
*Dogs are checked at the time of check in for fleas and ticks*
Special Pricing Discounts
10% Senior Citizen Discount
10% Active Military Discount
Things to Bring
- Shot Records
- Food (we prefer they stay on
   their regular diet however,
   house food is available.)
- Collar, leash, and tags
- Name tag preferred (we can
   furnish if needed)
- We provide mats & bowls
- Please insure your dog has no
   illnesses or fleas & ticks.
   Advantix is recommended.
- Any comfort items:
  • Treats
  • Toys
  • Beds

Please keep to a minimum on bulky items.


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